Shared Ante Natal Care

We believe that during your pregnancy you need a strong and supportive team working together for you and your baby. We provide Shared Ante Natal Care in conjunction with Obstetricians to provide support and care during pregnancy. We can offer support with referrals, diet, nutrition, exercise and birthing issues.

We can help you through all major stages of pregnancy including labour & birth education, emotional and physical preparation for birth, Obstetrician referrals and Post-Natal Health care .

We can also assist with issues relating to family history, genetic disorders (and testing) and we can help you in making informed ante-natal & childcare choices.

We can also help you with low to high-risk pregnancy care, childbirth education, birthing costs, expectations and anxieties, and lactation advice including specialist support during breast feeding.

Our GPs who have special interest in Shared Ante Natal Care are:

Dr. Nadine Nicolaai 

Happy pregnant woman sitting in doctor's office