About Us

Pinnacle Medical Centre at Williams Landing


It's All For You

We’ve designed Pinnacle Medical Centre from the ground up to bring you the very best medical and specialist care under one roof. From the first time you visit you’ll feel right at home with our community of health professionals. We’re dedicated to your well being, sensitive to your needs, and determined to deliver the best results to every one of our patients.

It's All Here

Conveniently located at Williams Landing Shopping Centre. Pinnacle Medical Centre offers a GP Clinic, Specialists, Allied Health Centre and Pathology Collection Centre. Pharmacy and Café closeby. Now there’s no more running around, it’s all here, saving you the time and effort.

The Very Best Care

We can consult and share patient care amongst our various providers, so we can get to the bottom of your medical needs with greater ease. And because we’re like one big family here, you can trust that even the most difficult issues will be dealt with sensitivity and supportive care.