The Pinnacle Team

Our Team of Experienced Staff and Doctors

Our Doctors

Dr Nakedi Keetse

Dr. Nakedi Keetse

Dr Yin Min

Dr Yin Min Thein

Dr Nadine Nicolaai

Dr. Nadine Nicolaai

Dr Alan Reid

Dr. Alan Reid

Dr. Zainab Hussain

Dr. Kang Meng Choi



Kang Choi醫生畢業於墨爾本大學並獲得了內外全科醫學士學位。他曾在維州醫院的各個部門任職並且對各科內科都有豐富的臨床經驗。Kang Choi  醫生一直秉承著認真負責和耐心的態度對待每一位病人並且非常期待能夠幫助更多的病人。他一直擅長解決心理健康診斷,全身體檢,皮膚科,老年醫學,男性保健,計劃生育和青少年傳染性疾病上的難題。 Kang Choi醫生在閒暇時間裡一直積極學習和跟進最新的醫學信息,確保在面對疾病時有更好的治療方案。Kang Choi醫生精通英語,普通話,粵語。

Our Nursing and Admin Team

Sue Nurse Manager

Sue - Nurse Manager

Sharon Nurse

  Sharon - Nurse


  Kylie - Nurse

Rachelle Nurse_opt

Rachelle - Nurse

Clare Practice Manager

Practice Manager - Claire


Karen - Receptionist


Bianca - Admin

Whether it’s a caring word, a friendly smile, or an attentive ear, we are never too busy. Our team is here to be your team. We’ll help you and your family through difficult and stressful times with the kind of care you expect. We are here to support you.

Taking care of the people who care for you

There’s no point in having values if you don’t live them in all aspects of your life. We support our staff, encourage their passions and interests, and help them to reach their goals. At Pinnacle Medical we are all about care, support and results, so it makes sense that we take care of each other in the same way we take care of our patients.

Our Family Values

We believe in taking care of each other just like family. We believe in keeping our word and doing what we say. We believe in being compassionate and empathetic. We believe in treating others they we want to be treated. And most of all, we believe in living our beliefs.